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Chemical Charasteristics: 
•Case Registery No: 7704-67-8 
•PH value: 6.0 to 8.0 (5.5 to 7.5) 
•Solubility: Slightly soluble in water& chloroform, soluble in alcohol. 
•Water content: No more than 6.0%(9.0%) 
•Identification: IR of sample and standard are concordant 
•Sulfate ash: No more than 1.0% (0.5%) 
•Normal assay: Microbiological: Not less than 750 mcg/ mg based on the anhydrous substance.
•Content: Erythromycin(HPLC) not less than 720μg/ mg based on the anhyrous substance. 
•Hydrous potency: 736 μ/mg 
•Anhydrous potency: 750 μ/mg 

Erythromycin Thiocyanate: Power for use in finished products 
(as an active pharmaceutical ingredient)
Indications and Dosage: 
•Erythromycin Thiocyanate soluble powder is very effective in respiratory diseases treatment, especially CRD, poultry infectious sinousitis, infectious Coryza and Pasturellosis due to its acceptable distribution in then tissues. This product is also recommended to prevent various stresses such as vaccination transportation 
•Erythromycin Thiocyanate is effective in infections such as Staphylococcus and Streptococci infections. it is also effective in some gram-negative bacteria such as Pasteurella and Heomophilus strains. Erythromycin Thiocyanate is also effective on Mycoplasmas and Chlamydia and Rickettsia by preventing protein synthesis in bacteria.
•Erythromycin, a macrolide antibiotic, is used in veterinary medicine for the treatment of clinical and subclinical mastitis in lactating cows, infectious disseases due to Erythromycin-sensitive bacteria (cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, swan and bees) and chronic respiratory diseases due to Mycoplasma species in poultry, mainly as the base, Thiocyanate ester and stearate salt. The most often recommended doses (as Erythromycin base) range from 5 to 20 mg/kg bw/day for bovines including lactating cows and sheeps for 3 to 5 days by intramuscular route and 20 mg/kg bw/day via drinking water for broiler chickens and laying hens.

Erythromycin Thiocyanate: a new Animal Drug for use in Animal feeds
(Based on EEC No.2377/90 Chapter I Part 558 sub B)

•Chickens: increases growth and feed efficiency, prevents chronic respiratory disease during stress periods, prevents infections Coryza, prevents and reduces lesions and lowers severity of chronic respiratory diseases. 
•Turkeys; increases growth and feeding efficiency, prevents chronic respiratory disease during stress periods, prevents and reduces lesions and lowers severity of chronic respiratory diseases . 
•Swan: weight promotion, prevention of respiratory and skin diseases .
•Laying chickens: increasing egg production .
•Beef cattle: prevents bacterial infections, simulates growth and improves feed efficiency .
•Bees: prevention of endemic diseases . 
•Fish: prevention of bacterial infections (mainly gram-positive such as Streptococcus Sp. and Vibrio Sp.) .

Erythromycin Thiocyanate: As an intermediate to produce other antibiotics 
◦Erythromycin Base
◦Other macrolides antibiotics
Etyrhromycin Thiocianate will be available in conformly with USP, BP, EP and IP . 

General Information: 
Erythromycin Thicyanate Presented to pharmaceutical companies in order to produce veterinary formulation. Furthermore it is converted into Erythromycin Base as an API for production of other macrolide antibiotics group such as Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate, Azithromycin, Clarithromycin and Roxithromycin. 

The advantages of Shafa's Co. Erythromycin Thiocyanate in comparison with foreign ones : 
- Unique purity quality
- Halal Certification awarded from Islamic Chamber Research & Information Center (ICRIC) 
- Production under GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice) from Ministry of Health
- Production under ISO 9001 certificate 

Opportunities for Cooperation :
Shafa Co. welcomes cooperation with other companies in the field of joint production and marketing. 

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